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Our services

Arrival & delivery

We pick up your vehicle free of charge at your home or workplace and return it after the service.

Public transport – bus

The nearest bus station is only 50m away.

Car air-condition service

Maintenance, repair and subsequent installation. At our service your air conditioner is in the best hands. It will keep your vehicle cool.

Paint shop

We use only high quality water based paints that are in harmony with the nature. We provide a warranty for the paint job.

Metal body shop

At our metal body shop with the extension table we bring your vehicle back to its original state. High quality, guarantee and fair price. Radio/Sound systems

Radio / Sound systems

We install radios as well as additional audio equipment.

Tire and Wheel Storage

To save you unnecessary trouble, we are happy to take over the storage of your summer or winter tires, with or without wheels.

Phone reception for service

We arrange a service by phone. Timely delivered cut. parts, save your time in handing over the vehicle because everything is ready.

Vehicle - direct reception

Arrange your preferences with a service advisor when you have your vehicle serviced. We advise You decide.

Towing service

Emergency Towing Service (fuel, battery, vehicle startup) non stop every day, sunday and public at tel.:0800 1987

Tire service

Good prices Semperit and Continental, Michelin, BF Goodrich, ... All brands to choose from! We store your summer as well as winter tires.

Replacement vehicle

From a replacement vehicle for a fee through free public transport tickets to a convenient arrival service for your vehicle.
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