Euro 2020.

Mobility Makers and Shuttle Fleets: What Volkswagen is planning for the 2020 European Football Championships

The eyes of the football world are set on Bucharest this Saturday: In the Romanian capital, the six preliminary groups of the 2020 European Football Championship will be drawn. As the official mobility partner, Volkswagen is eagerly awaiting this tournament, which is being staged for the first time across the entire continent.

“We welcomed the idea of a European Championship without borders from the very beginning. This tournament is of great symbolic value for Volkswagen: Three quarters of our employees are at home in Europe. That’s why a united Europe with cross-border trade is of paramount importance to us,” says Jürgen Stackmann, Member of the Board of Management for Sales and Marketing at the Volkswagen brand.

Euro 2020: Volkswagen Mobility Makers

The automobile manufacturer will use the stage of the European Championship not only to advertise all aspects of electromobility, but will also provide mobility offers. For example, 13,000 so-called Volkswagen Mobility Makers will be deployed at the venues. These are volunteers, easily identifiable by their clothing, who are very familiar with the respective cities and can answer all visitors’ questions on the subject of mobility. For example, which subway is the best way to get to the stadium, where the nearest bus stop is located, or which is the fastest footpath to the hotel. “Our long-term goal is for fans to think of Volkswagen first when it comes to mobility,” explains Stackmann. The Volkswagen Mobility Makers will be present wherever there is a concentration of fans, for example at airports, in the city centers or at important locations.

VW free ride

In addition, Volkswagen will offer a ride-pooling service in most of the twelve European Championship cities. The official UEFA EURO 2020 app will allow fans and guests to book free rides in a defined area of the city center. An algorithm determines car-pool vehicles between passengers who have a similar destination, such as the fan zone, the train station or the pub and bar district. Ideally, several passengers share a vehicle and thus contribute to relieving the already overloaded inner cities during major sporting events.

Finally, let’s mention that the draw for Euro 2020 starts tomorrow, November 30, 2019. at 6pm!

Good luck to us! 💪

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