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8 Things that should be checked during car service

Regular car service
Through regular service, your car will surely be properly maintained to ensure its longevity. Regular inspections are also important for your traffic safety.


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Safety always comes first so the brakes should be checked regularly. They should be inspected at best during large-scale service, every 60,000 km as they are one of the most important safety factors in a vehicle. If you notice oil leaking from the brake system, call your service department immediately. The discs and/or drums should also be changed, and the parking brake control must not be forgotten.

Suspensions and shock absorbers

Along with the brakes, suspension and shock absorbers are another important safety factor. The car is allowed to drift as little as possible while driving, and its drifting depends on these parts. You can also check them yourselves – rock the vehicle and if it stops immediately everything is fine. In case that the vehicle continues to swing, know that it is time for service because your car has worn out shock absorbers.

Transmission oil

In most cases this oil has a long life because it does not heat to high temperatures. Change when you pass 60,000 km or when it changes color.

Fuel Purifier

If you drive a diesel engine then this is especially important to you. A lot of fuel residue remains on the fuel purifier, so it is important to change it regularly, especially on diesel engines. It is recommended to replace this after 20,000 km. Its regular replacement extends life of the Bosch pump in diesel engines.

Air purifier

It is good to replace it after every 30,000 km, but it is also advisable to blow it out with a compressor every six months. It collects particles from the air that is sucked into the system. This can ultimately increase fuel consumption as well as engine consumption.


Each vehicle in its service booklet has a specified mileage after which the belts, especially the gear belt, need to be changed. It is very important to follow these instructions, because if the belt breaks, complete engine damage can occur. The belt should be checked for service even if recommended mileage has not been exceeded, since even the smallest cracks in the belt mean that it should be replaced as soon as possible.

Various valves

Newer cars have self-adjusting valves, but they also need to be tuned during service. On older vehicles each bolt must be adjusted individually, so that no oil leaks or engine soils.


The exhaust system is very important because of the reduction of the emissions of gases (primarily the catalyst) and the noise. Each part can be repaired by gas welding and in some cases it may still be necessary to purchase a replacement one.