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10 Car Maintenance Tips

10 Car Maintenance Tips


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The matter is actually very simple. For your tin pet to serve you well, you must serve it well too! Here are 10 things to keep in mind:

Keep up with the service intervals

For your car to always function properly, regular service is a prerequisite. Regular inspection, replacement of worn parts, liquids and oils extend the life of the car. It is important to emphasize that regular service is also a prerequisite for realization of a warranty after purchasing a new car.

Signal Lamps Control – learn what each signifies!

Most new cars have a variety of sensors and warning systems that indicate potential problems in a timely manner. We emphasize those signifying engine, service, electric malfunction, brakes, ABS, coolant, oil… Learn what a light means to know immediately what it is when one of them lights up.

Tire Pressure Control Open position

The pressure you need to pump to your tires is written on the car itself and in the manual. To prevent ending up on the road with a blown or pierced tire, regularly check the tire pressure, thus extending its life.

Tread Depth Control

The more you drive – the more the tire tread is consumed, so regular inspection is necessary. The minimum prescribed tire tread depth varies from state to state, depending on the season. In Croatia, it is 4-6 mm for summer tires and 3-4 mm for winter tires.

Wheel centering/alignment

If the wheels are not well centered, the tire tread will wear out faster and unevenly, which is by no means good! Regular wheel alignment will allow longer tire life, and most importantly you will be safer on the road.

Fluid and oil level control

Checking the fluid for the refrigerator, the brakes and the windshield is a simple and quick process. All you need to do is open the compartments that contain the individual fluids and top up the appropriate fluid, as you see needed. In the case of oil refilling, you must first remove the oil gauge showing minimum and maximum oil levels in the engine. Check your manual for oil change dates and follow them!

Brake control

Here everything is crystal clear right from the start: if the brakes are out of order, you are gambling with your life! The vehicle’s stopping distance is extended, which automatically poses a threat to you and to all other road users. Be smart!

Air Filter Control

It all depends on what kind of surfaces you drive the most. If the road mostly carries you along some dusty, muddy or sandy paths, then you are definitely a candidate for changing your air filter more often. They draw dust and dirt out of the air and should be changed at least once a year or every 20,000 to 30,000 km.

Wiper Blade Control

It is important to have a clean and clear road view at all times, especially in bad weather conditions. Therefore, it is very important that your wiper blades are in good condition. When you ask the car mechanic how often they need to be changed, you will receive different answers, because of course it depends on how often the car is used and under what conditions. That’s why it’s easiest to count the clues they leave on your windshield. If there are up to three poorly visible spots, the situation is not alarming but be prepared for an imminent replacement. If there are more tracks and you no longer have a good overview of the road when you need it the most, replace it immediately. Even if you see these tracks on the windshield, the catch is that they should be so thin that they dry from the very speed of the car.

Signalization control

Do all the flashing lights, stop light and headlamp work? Keep this question in mind, because if any of this does not work, you lose your visibility and put yourself and other road users at risk.