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Protecting your privacy when using our website ( is particularly important to us. For this reason, we wish to inform you in detail about the collection of personal and other information.

The right to use personal as well as anonymous data in the legally permissible range, subject to restrictions based on the respondents’ rights listed below, is owned by Bosnić d.o.o.

This site uses software to analyze its use. Evaluating this information can lead to important insights into customer needs that help further improve the quality of the offer. Each time you open a website, the following data record is stored indefinitely:

anonymized form of the IP address of the computer from which the page is accessed
date and time of opening
the name of the open page or file
Session ID
referrer URL (a previously visited page that accessed our site)
the amount of data transferred
Internet browser and version used
user operating system
1. What is a cookie?
A cookie is a small text file that stores Internet settings. This technology is used by almost every internet site. Your browser downloads this file the first time you visit a particular page. The next time you open that page with the same terminal, the cookie and the information stored therein are sent either to the website that generated them (“First-Party Cookie”) or to another website to which it belongs (“Third-Party Cookie”). This way the website recognizes that it has already been visited through that browser and sometimes adjusts the content that is displayed.

Some cookies are extremely useful as they can enhance the user experience when you reopen a website that you have visited multiple times. Provided that you use the same terminal and the same browser, for example, cookies remember your preferences, give you notice on how you use a site, and tailor the displayed offer to your personal interests and needs. Most cookies we use are automatically deleted from your system session session cookie after the session is over. However, we also use cookies that remain on the motherboard after the session ends, and are mainly intended to improve the user experience when you re-open the site, so that the website can then be customized to meet your personal needs and thus optimize loading times. page.

2. Cookie settings on this site
2.1. Cookies for which no consent is required
The mandatory cookies, also called strictly necessary, provide features without which we would not be able to use this website in the intended manner. These cookies are used exclusively by us and are therefore so-called cookies. First party cookies that are only stored on your computer during the current browser session. Required cookies: for the login function we have so-called cookies. session cookie. Without this cookie, there is no login option and therefore no login related features are available.

Furthermore, such cookies, for example, when changing a page, provide for the possible functionality of a change from http to https, thus meeting the increased requirements for data security. You do not need consent to use cookies.

The required cookies cannot be deactivated through the functions of this site, but can be deactivated at any time through the browser used. See the instructions below in this regard.

2.2. First party cookies for which consent is required
Cookies, which, by a purely legal definition, are not necessarily required in order to use the Website, still have important tasks. Namely, without these cookies, there are no features available that allow us to surf comfortably on our site, such as pre-filled forms. Settings such as the selected language cannot be stored and must therefore be reset on each page. In addition, we can no longer give you individually tailored offers.

Below is a list of used cookies from the first page together with their description:

Cookie name: Auto-login Cookie
Task: The cookie remembers whether the user is logged in.
Storage time: during the session and some data up to 2 weeks. (all data are anonymous or anonymized)
Cookie name: Webtrekk GmbH (
Assignment: We use Webtrekk Services to collect statistics on the use of our online offerings. This information is used to continuously improve and optimize our website and our offerings and to make it more interesting to you. Data provides parameters such as visitor counts, click through rates, and average active active user retention time on the page to further enhance their evaluation

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